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‘Onima’ is a word taken from the language of the Arawak Indians, the first inhabitants of Bonaire. They settled in the Caribbean around the year 1000 and used the name ‘Onima’ to design a place that offered everlasting humidity - a source of well-being and life, like the Aloe Vera we now grow on our Onima plantation.

A unique philosophy
On our Onima plantation we combine traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology, to give you aloe products that offer optimal effectiveness. The whole process is in our own hands: from the culture of the plants through harvesting and the extraction of the Aloe Vera gel - our ‘liquid gold’. Because we control the whole process ourselves and only use the purest Aloe Vera gel, we can guarantee you the very best quality.

A difference you can feel!
Onima is different from most Aloe Vera products. Just compare the ingredients of Onima with those of other products, and you'll notice it immediately! Onima only contains the pure gel of Aloe Vera, combined with other natural ingredients. There are only two other substances that were added in a small amount: carbopol to prevent the gel to become watery, and methylparaben as a preservative. Nothing else! No other chemical addidions, no alcohol or solvents. And obviously, Onima products are not tested on animals.
Another striking difference is that Onima contains 100% pure Aloe Vera gel. Other products are often made from dried gel that was diluted with water, which largely destroys the effectiveness of the Aloe Vera. Onima is really 100% pure and 100% effective!

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