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Onima was founded by Jaap and Carla Ensing, who are personally responsible for all stages of development and production of the Onima products.


Some 20 years ago Jaap Ensing was working as a traditional pharmacist in the Netherlands, when he became convinced that chemical drugs are not the sole way to a healthy life. He began to study into natural remedies and on Bonaire became interested in the various benefits of Aloe Vera. Jaap bought his plantation and started experimenting with Aloe Vera gel. At first, he developed products for a small circle of family and friends. But after a while more and more people discovered the effectiveness of his products. Their enthusiasm inspired Jaap and Carla to start Onima, aimed at developing products that offer the full benefits of pure Aloe Vera.


Carla Ensing has been an enthusiastic and gifted practitioner of phytotherapy and homeopathy for years. She is extremely gifted in listening to peoples' physical concerns and imagining how Aloe Vera could offer a remedy. She assists Jaap in developing new products, tailored to the requests of the people they meet on Bonaire.